Cassandro el Exótico

Chaï Chaï Films was in charge of the digital promotion campaign of the documentary film “Cassandro el Exótico”.

In the colorful and flamboyant world of Lucha Libre, Cassandro is a star and a unique character: he’s the king of the Exóticos, these transvestites Mexicans wrestlers who dynamite prejudices in a very macho sport.
With his styling hair and his eyes perfectly made up, Cassandro is an extreme man of combat, many times World Champion he pushes his body to the limits of the possible. After a 26 years career; Cassandro is shattered, his body pulverized and his soul hurt by a traumatic past. In spite of everything, he does not want to stop or get away from the spotlight…

Format: Quote press (20”)
Director: Marie Losier
Animation: Sophie Cappelaere