Laurent Garnier : Off the Record

Chaï Chaï Films is very proud to conceive and orchestrate the corwdfunding campaing for the documentary : Laurent Garnier : Off the Record

The idea of this film is to tell the story of the last great musical revolution of the 20th century through the eyes of one of its pioneers: Laurent Garnier! How the son of fun fair owners became chevalier of the Legion of Honor by pursuing his passion for a music that emerged from Chicago and Detroit in the late 80s. With many guests (Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Carl Cox, Lenny Dee, Pedro Winter…) we will talk about the past and how this underground culture conquered the world! We will talk about the present by following Laurent on tour and in his daily life! An we will also discover the new generation and try to imagine what future holds for music in general. This film asks the question that Laurent never stops asking himself: Now that electro has become the new mainstream, where, what and when will the next musical revolution be?

Format: Trailer
Director: Gabin Rivoire
Digital promotion: Chaï Chaï Films