• Grandmas Project

    Recipes and stories from grandmas around the world, filmed by their grandchildren.

    Directors: multiple
    Prizes & Festivals: Sunny Side, Sheffield, …

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  • Nestlé – CestMoiQuiFabrique S1

    Client : Nestlé
    Director : Jonas Pariente
    Editing : Chaï Chaï Films
    Post Production : Everest Studio

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  • People of Paris

    An Instagram project capturing the diversity of Paris’ 11th arrondissement, one portrait at a time.

    Author: Jonas Pariente
    Commissioner: Paris City Hall

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  • A rickshaw in the city

    Mumbai’s epic urbanization experienced through the daily life of a rickshaw driver.

    Directors: Jonas Pariente, Savitri Medhatul
    Broadcaster: France 5

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  • Next year in Bombay

    For 2000 years they have been both Indian and Jewish. What if they had to choose?

    Directors: Jonas Parienté, Mathias Mangin
    Prizes & Festivals: Palm Springs, Mumbai, …

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  • TV series – Détectives

    Format: 3 x 3’
    Client: Delante TV
    Director: Lorenzo Gabriele


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  • Feature film – Rue Mandar

    Format: 26’
    Client: Thelma Films, Manchester Films
    Director: Idit Cébula

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