What a bet

Chaï Chaï Films is really proud to produce “What a bet” a creative documentary written and filmed by Tom Sandrin, a young director from the prestigious school La Fémis.

A foal chosen randomly, or almost. It is not necessarily from a crack, does not have necessarily something more than the others. He is a colt with his own character, with his foal ideas. Close to him, often at his shoulder, I film the youth of a racehorse, from his birth to his first race – at two years, through auctions and training. By its side, I share its time, space and sounds. Around it, other horses, men and women. Throughout the different stages of its young life, several worlds collide: the animal world, the racing world, the madness of the game, the contemporary world.

Format: Teaser (5′)
Director: Tom Sandrin
Editor: Tom Sandrin